Success Stories

Testimonials from our happy clients

At WMG, we proudly provide outstanding legal representation for new and potential immigrants. For more than seventeen years, we have been able to help our clients receive positive outcomes for their immigration cases through our dedication and understanding of their unique situations. At our firm, we understand any time in your life that involves a legal matter can be stressful, and we aim to provide you with a swift and positive resolution for your case to allow you to move forward with your life.

“Alex handled our immigration case with expedience, care and consideration. He anticipated additional requirements based on our unique situation and therefore we were prepared when asked to provide additional information. Alex is pleasant and charming to work with. His professional experience gave us peace of mind; knowing he understands the process from start to finish and the time-sensitive nature of the immigration process.”
– Ephraim, Switzerland ➝ Vancouver, 2014

“My family file was processed in Canadian Consulate – Ankara (Turkey) and was a subject for additional review because of Arranged Employment position and changes in Immigration Regulations. To our satisfaction, case was handled by Alex and his team with highest standard of commitment and integrity. Five months later my family landed in Vancouver.”
– Azad, Baku ➝ Vancouver, 2012

“Our file for British Columbia Provincial Business program started in 2011 with just an idea in mind. Idea that Alex and his team of experts converted into valuable Intellectual Property with Canadian, USA and worldwide registration within 5 months of preparation. By the time our official Interview was scheduled we had all legal work on IP completed, so our case was bullet-proofed and solid. PNP Administrators approved it on a spot. In one month I got my special Work Permit and arrived to Canada to build my R&D business. After 7 months (instead of 24 allowed) our conditions were removed and we got a Nomination Certificate from BC PNP. Federal approval after that stage was just a formality that lasted 4 months.”
– Pavel, Moscow ➝ Vancouver, 2012

“Decision to relocate to Canada was very uneasy for us. We both had good jobs and kids were little. But political situation in our home country of Kenya was very uncertain. We were referred to Alex by his former client from London, and after just 2-3 letters we retained his service. We were provided with Arranged Employment support in Canada, then our immigration file was processed abroad. We landed in Toronto and never looked back.”
– Juma, Nairobi ➝ Toronto, 2011

“Dr. Alex Titov and his consulting team provided me with expert advice when I sponsored my American partner four years ago. The process involved was complex and so it was very helpful when Alex walked me through every step of the way making sure we avoided the pitfalls and traps. I wholeheartedly recommend soliciting the help of Alex when considering immigration to Canada as his experience would help you avoid potential errors that could cause a delay or failure in the application.”
– Alex and Luke, USA ➝ Vancouver, 2010

“Our friend, who relocated to Canada in 2001 with Alex assistance, referred his service to us when we realized that life is short and we need to make a decision where our kids will grow. Our original self-search led to Skilled Worker Program, and we contacted Alex just to see if he can help us with forms. Surprisingly, Alex discouraged us from FSW application due to some recent changes in regulations that we were unaware of… After careful examination of my professional background, we settled on Self-Employed Program, because of my portfolio of works with my international clients. In 9 months we got PR-status and moved to Montreal.”
– Benjamin, Paris ➝ Montreal, 2009

“My friends and I call Alex our “marriage counsellor” for one reason – he helped 4 of us to immigrate to Canada from Ireland when we got involved with Canadian ladies… Different situations, different live arrangements, but the result from Alex was similar – exceptional! After just several months in processing without leaving Canada, we got settled with our wives and fiancées in Canada and live happily ever after… Direct approach, honest decision-making process, careful guidance – what else clients can wish for?”
– Eammon, Dublin ➝ Vancouver, 2008

“Our Daughter got pregnant under very unfortunate circumstances while our immigration file was going through the early stage of processing. Alex handled the case from the beginning and assured us that we must stay on course, and he will handle the legal hurdles of the (dependent children) situation– and he did. Our Grandson was born as expected and in three months after his birth our family arrived in Canada as a whole.”
– Alexander, Kiev ➝ Calgary, 2003

Postcards from our happy clients

Sometimes, and especially in Family Sponsorship cases, clients send us pictures of themselves with their loved ones. It’s great to see their happy faces, as a confirmation of all the hard work we all put in. They say every picture tells a story. And every story helps bring to life the impact immigration has on individuals, families, and communities.

Successful sponsorship case-Becky and Mg “Appreciate all your help. Yahoo! All the effort, time and energy has paid off. Thank you!”
– Becky and Mg

Successful sponsorship case - Sue and Richard“Thank you, thank you! It was faster than expected and way easier than we thought!”
– Sue and Richard