Sell Your Business (Save Your Money!)

WMG connects foreign investors with Canadian business owners

If you are a Canadian Business owner and would like to explore the valuable possibility of selling your business to a Foreign Investor, we strongly encourage you to contact us for FREE consultation.

WMG experts in finance and property transactions have long-term experience and are ready to assist every business owner in selling his or her business. The fact that we work in conjunction with immigration Rules and Regulations and personally handle hundreds of transactions to date will provide you with peace of mind and more money in your pocket.

Certain established procedures, which we call a “Pre-Sale Package” of services, encompass various assessments, reviews and recommendations to achieve best possible results in selling a Canadian Business to a Foreign Owner-Operator. To preview this Package we encourage you to set up a private visit to your business to prepare the action plan that will be implemented once we are hired for this sensitive job.

Under Business Succession Plan Buy-out, regional Business PNP applicants who commit to purchasing an existing business will not be required to create a new job where they commit to maintaining existing employment for Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The succession plan buy-out transaction is to result in a complete change of ownership whereby the purchaser(s) take full control of the business. In general, these applications will receive priority processing.

In addition to meeting the requirements for the regional business category, the following additional requirements must be met for Canadian business to be qualified for sale:

  • Business must be operated by the same owner for a minimum of 5 years
  • Have employees, other than family members
  • Be actively in operation

Successful candidate must operate the business for a minimum of one full year prior to being considered for nomination, with long term intentions of continuing to operate the business.

WMG assist every business applicant to complete an exploratory visit to meet the retiring owners and, where feasible, to attend a special immigration seminar with the local Economic Development Office.

For further information or questions, please contact us as soon as you make a decision to sell your business. One call, one meeting can save you thousands of dollars and months of waiting!