Canadians now exchange traveller information with the United States

The government introduced legislation to implement the final phases of the data-collection system, to help catch social-benefit cheats, better track suspected terrorists, and identify people who remain in Canada past visa-expiration dates. Under the 2011 Perimeter Security pact, Canada and the United States agreed to set up coordinated systems to track the entry and exit information of travellers. For the moment, the system involves ↪ Read Full Post

Vancouver’s new Microsoft Canada office launched in June 2016

Microsoft Canada office launched in a ceremony attended by the prime minister, premier and mayor, all of whom welcomed the U.S. multinational that will provide work for 750 employees when the office is fully staffed. But only 425 of the workers will be Canadian, and homegrown high-growth tech companies are objecting to what they say was a fast-tracked immigration process ↪ Read Full Post

U.S. Consulates in Canada Suspend Third Country National Visa Processing this Summer

April 18, 2016U.S. Consulates in Canada have temporarily suspended all visa processing for Third Country Nationals for the summer months of June, July and August. This suspension only applies to Third Country Nationals, Canadian applicants are unaffected. If you are a Third Country National with an appointment already scheduled during the summer months, your appointment ↪ Read Full Post

TRV Requirement Lifted for Poland and Lithuania

Effective August 1, 2015, paragraph 190(1)(a) of the Immigration Regulations was amended to exempt all citizens of Poland and Lithuania from the temporary resident visa (TRV) requirement, regardless of travel document held. If a TRV applicant has submitted an application via a VAC, the VAC service charge will not be refunded as the VAC has ↪ Read Full Post

Canada Plans to Expand Biometric Collection

Biometric Requirements Biometric data is used to confirm a person’s identity, and to make it more difficult for someone to steal your identity. “Biometrics” is the collection and analysis of physical attributes (i.e. fingerprints, retinal scans, etc.) used to define a persons unique identity for security purposes. The collection of biometric data for Canadian immigration ↪ Read Full Post