FAQ (for agents)

Understand our Referral program and Agency relations better to leverage the legal tools needed to assist immigration clients

Our firm, its personnel have no direct relation to any sort of immigration service, nor do we have any legal background and training. How critical it is for us to know about legal terminology and procedures?

No knowledge of immigration law and regulations is required from our Visa2Canada agents. In fact, we encourage all agents to stay away from any sort of “immigration counselling” as its prohibited by the regulations of Canadian and US governments, which allows only licensed professionals to provide legal advice to any type of customer.

As a Visa2Canada immigration agent, what will be my day to day activities?

In a very routine and relaxed way – once you have a customer with any (!) level of interest in any immigration issue, you simply provide them with our brochure or business-card, or direct them to our web-site, or give them a n access to our application form in their preferred languages. The rest is up to the client. Once Client contacts us with his or her request, we will take care of their needs.

All you need to do is to keep us informed about such customers’ names and possible contact information on regular basis –we usually conduct monthly audit with all our agents when we match names provided by the agent with those who contacted us from their region.

As an agent, which country/territory will I be able to include into our regional coverage?

As much as you can serve. Since we have no exclusive agents with solely assigned countries nor territories we rarely limit our agents regionally – in today’s world of Internet and world-wide reach of personal relationship it’s simply not practical.

Why WMG agrees to pay referrals?

Our biggest business marketing expense is advertising. By accepting a referred client from our agents we know we will have a pre-qualified client and it doesn’t cost us anything unless client pays for legal service to us.

Why WMG is motivated to work with all our referred clients, even though not all of them will end up paying for services?

We are motivated to perform a good initial job with every client regardless of his/her paid status because if we don’t, they will turn to our competitors and we don’t get paid and agents don’t receive commission and eventually agents will get discouraged and we will not receive any more qualified clients from such agent. So, we consider this initial consultations and preliminary work with every (!) client our part of the deal and our contribution in our productive relationship with our agents.

Will agents be responsible for collecting and transferring clients’ fees and any other service charges from and to clients?

No. Only licensed immigration practitioners are allowed to collect legal and related fees in the United States and Canada. WMG is a licensed immigration firm.

Why should I refer our customers to WMG with their immigration/visa/legal needs?

This is a dual question, so the first answer is about clients:

If you not telling about us, not referring these clients to us they will miss a chance to be served by experts with strong reputation for immigration law knowledge, integrity, competence, and dedication. As clients make the biggest personal decision of their life they may rest easy knowing that their Immigration expert has been chosen as someone who has the experience and the ability to provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

Second part of this answer is about agents themselves: Because not telling, not referring can cost you thousands of dollars of missed referral fees.

How financial transactions conducted for agents in terms of commission transfers, personal accounts (in Canada and in their local banks)?

Financial transactions between WMG and agents – local in Canada and overseas – conducted in various forms, mostly to suit agents local regulations and personal preferences. We provide checks, wire-transfers, and online deposits. WMG attempts to pay out all commission payments within 72-hours upon clients’ fees received on our own accounts.

What will serve as a basis for our agency commission?

Our system provides simple and clear commission base – all legal fees, any service fees we charge from your referred customers will be counted towards the commission, and for as long as customer use our service. Of course, these fees will be “cleaned” of Government fees, notary service fees, assessment agency charges – all those third-party surcharges that WMG covers on behalf of its clients.

Will our referred customers receive private representation during their own legal procedures once they get in contact with WMG?

As a matter of fact, this is a Law and legal requirement to assign ourselves to be Private, Personal and Confidential representatives for our clients, and this part of legal procedure monitored by the Regulating authorities very closely.

Will there be any assistance with our local Advertising/Promotion cost’ coverage from WMG?

No, we are not covering any part of the local advertising cost whatsoever, since that will be a controlling part of any agent’ activity. We act on presumption of “personal activity and imagination” since every agent possess a very unique set of skills and abilities, for which he or she will get rewarded.

Do agents pay to be affiliated with WMG?

No. We choose every agent strictly on merit, own initiative and through our referrals.

Will my commission increase clients’ fees or service charges to our referred clients?

The referral fee is a common practice among immigration service companies and is part of our marketing budget, and it does NOT increase the fees paid by your referred client in the transaction.

Why our clients may question the fees that WMG charge them?

As the old saying goes – you get what you paid for. But despite this proverb, many people still not believe the highest paid immigration law firm will provide the best service. In fact, the highest volume/highest fees Immigration firm may be unable to provide top quality service due to the amount of clients they attempt to take on.

With moderate fees and very flexible payment schedules is able to provide the most competent, ethical and reliable service. That’s why many of our current clients are our repeat clients and referrals.

What immigration programs’ types are covered by our agency agreement?

WMG is a full-service legal firm with experience in professional and business immigration, intra-company transfers, academic and holiday visas, and family sponsorship of all types.