For Investors

At WMG, our legal team believes that by applying all the facts of the case to the immigration laws, we can obtain numerous options to pursue and help determine what the best possible outcome for the case may be. Our firm stands ready to provide you with outstanding representation for your case, regardless of the situation you may be facing. You can count on our team!

Each business-immigration case that our firm takes on is handled personally, on the VIP level of due diligence and respect. Our experts attempt to meet with each and every client in person to discuss the details of their case before any money is spent, and to help understand the objective they are trying to achieve before we execute our joint business-plan.

BC Business-PNP

The BC Business Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is still one of the best business programs available in Canada to date and provides to entrepreneurs, ready to invest in British Columbia economy and create jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, a remarkable opportunity to become a permanent resident of Canada on a federal level, when they just keep doing what they usually do in their lives – taking care of their business!

To encourage more business immigration and investment, the PNP allows easier start for new business ventures in the province of “Beautiful British Columbia”, and provides an opportunity to arrive in Canada much faster than any immigration option, so we are here to get you quickly into the stream.

Canadian Real-Estate

Real Estate in Canada provides a huge variety of frameworks for foreign investors looking to take advantage of opportunities in the Canadian market.

The commercial property market in Canada has benefited from a stable, compared to many other countries, economy and the continued health of the banks and capital markets. According to Investment Property Databank’s (IPD) Global Annual Property Index, capital growth combined with income growth to provide a total return for all property types in Canada of nearly 16%, placing Canada at the very top of the IPD Index.

There are many common and unique questions that investors ask and need the right answers to ensure long-term success in real estate investing. With us, you can be sure not only to find out the answer to any of your questions but also to find the actual property, suitable for your personal or business needs, aims, and desires. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured by the Canadian Real-Estate Association.

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