Canadian Work Visa

Temporary foreign workers can acquire Permanent Residency (PR)

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Temporary Work Visa

If you intend to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada, one of the options is to work under the Temporary Work Visa and then apply via one of the eligible immigration programs. It’s crucial to find a suitable job before applying for a work visa. Applicants must be prepared to present the following:

  • Educational credentials
  • Occupational background
  • Language proficiency
  • Professional skills set

Global Talent Stream

This pilot project has been working since June 2017. It is also known as the Global Talent Stream and allows high-growth companies to bring in foreign talent more easily. It launched the global skills visa program to mitigate Canada’s shortage of tech workers. The Global Skills Strategy can help you get workers faster with a two-week processing time for 80% of work permit applications. Learn more about the Global Talent Stream program and find yourself in the Global Talent Occupations List.

WMG Packages

WMG provides two Employment Packages that allow potential immigrants to plan the transition from temporary to the permanent resident the right way. All monetary transactions are done with PayPal.


These information packages above are provided for career planning and employment search purposes only and should not be regarded as a legal advice. It is based on our understanding of current employment and economic environment in Canada. Employment Regulations for Temporary Foreign Workers and other laws are subject to change without notice.

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