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At WMG, you can be a part of our extremely high success rate.

Canadian Immigration is tough to go through without legal representation. World Migration Group is fully licensed, insured and experienced to assist you in establishing your Permanent Residency in Canada. Be aware of 3 mistakes that people commonly make when starting their Permanent or Temporary Residence process.

People assume it is safer to deal with advisers in their home country. Unfortunately they are neither licensed nor insured by the Canadian Government. Acting as ghost immigration consultants, they have no intention to help you.
After completing self assessments, people tend to pick the first available program. Without being familiar with all 800+ laws and regulations, it is incredibly challenging to pick the right program out of the 80 available.
Individuals ignore their previous applications, such as for permanent residency in Canada or tourist visas. Thus all applications are at risk of being denied after a simple cross-reference background check.

What Our Clients Say About Our Committed Service

Client portrait for testimonial “Alex handled our immigration case with expedience, care and consideration. He anticipated additional requirements based on our unique situation and therefore we were prepared when asked to provide additional information. Alex is pleasant and charming to work with. His professional experience gave us peace of mind; knowing he understands the process from start to finish and the time-sensitive nature of the immigration process.”
– Elva and Ephraim, Switzerland ➝ Vancouver

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It’s possible to immigrate faster. Planning is the key.

Immigration Visa application processing depends on completeness and accuracy of information. The applicant must appeal to the examining CIC Visa Office with the best file one can prepare. Your case is unique, but most popular Immigration programs could be processed faster than you may expect!

To find out which program you best qualify for, our immigration consultants can assess your information, free of charge.

Come to Study, Stay to Live.

If PR (Permanent Residency) is your ultimate goal, then enrolling in a Canadian educational institution may be a viable option. WMG has a dedicated educational department which handles enrollment and visas.

Student Immigration Video

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Exclusive representation means selecting the right immigration option for you.

The first step is easy. We accept résumés as a convenient alternative to our Free Assessment. Let us present the best immigration options available exclusively to you.

Step 1. Careful examination of all submitted assessment forms and applications, followed by a cross-reference with other sources, eliminating any gaps in personal history and identifying the person's uniqueness.
Step 2. Multiple opportunities and legal options for every individual case are distilled into a list of programs for the client to choose from, considering cost and time advantages, and potential risks.
Step 3. Unique opportunity that we offer is something that only one person can follow in order to settle in Canada with minimal stress yet maximum satisfaction.

Do It Yourself, With Our Help – Special Offer For Permanent Residency Applicants

We recognize the fact that some clients are confident enough and ready to proceed with select immigration programs on their own. Two legal support packages designed to review, edit, and assist with Permanent Residency submission are now available on our website. You deserve protection and peace of mind.

  • $900 REVIEW
    Professional review Comprehensive editing
    2-hour consultation List of recommendations
  • $1800 SUBMISSION
    Professional review Comprehensive editing List of recommendations
    Two 2-hour consultations Legal Support Letter Submission within Canada